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About Us

3ace properties is not just a real estate marketing company that offers properties to sell or buy.

We provide comprehensive support for any property seeker with great value, trust, integrity, honesty and commitment which is more important than any transaction. In today’s world where time is scarce and everyone’s running to fulfill their own targets and achieve accolades, we take time to understand our client’s world, their needs, choices they make, the aspirations they have and how they want us to perform and deliver.

3ace properties began its real estate marketing journey in 2018, Our team consists of individuals where we understand the importance of correct soliciting. We help our clients to make the right decision in this competitive market  by managing calculated risk , reducing cost and the performance of decisions they make.

3ace properties aim to become a renowned real estate marketing company in all segments of the industry in Kolkata by 2024. Right to mention, individuals associated with 3aceproeprties are skilled to cater to services in premium segments as well as the affordable segments of products. At 3ace our idea is to provide the best shelter that defines the aspiration of our clients, they deserve and the delightful service they want.

Our end to end real estate solution is our major strength, we expertise in residential, commercial and retail space business. We have an in house team of advocates for all legal propositions, an analytics team to research how the market could respond in ongoing situations that helps our clients to evaluate their investments and a marketing department that simplifies guidance to our clients in every step of the transaction. Our team qualifies in every possible angle to accomplish our clients’ needs. We understand the importance of communication so we not only inform our clients about the happenings that take place while we serve them but we educate them too about where they are heading to in the course of action.

We keep a very professional approach to our clients which helps them build a great amount of confidence when we take care of their needs. Our team is a combination of highly energetic and go getter young professionals as well as seasoned individuals to channelize the process of one objective that fulfills our clients’ needs.