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Loan and Legal Consultancy

Loans & Lending

Both loan and legal starts with the alphabet  “L”  that connects any property seeker to the love for their property.  Quite often when we look forward to make a major decision of life and where huge amount of money is involved financing plays a pivotal role in that decision, thereafter who to approach and which bank or institution is going to lend you at best possible rate? These are the set of questions that come up, therefore let 3ace properties take care for the financial guidance to your dream property.

We are empanelled with multiple financing partners like Banks, NBFC’s and insurance companies where lending becomes easy for our clients.

Legal Matters

It is commonly said to STAY OUT OF LAW YOU MUST BE HONEST the statement actually means right set of papers lead to happy stay when it comes to property. Both options of residential and commercial property must have right papers to right owners and to get that right, one must have all the correct set of papers from day one till you remain the owner to it. Usually to understand the chronology of the property papers a normal property seeker may get confused while segregating it and demanding them from the right person? Therefore 3aceproperties eradicates this confusion and we guide and educate our clients the importance of legal papers so that they don’t fall into any situation where they lack the details of their own property.

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