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Residential Property Consulting

Kolkata is rapidly expanding its city limits at an exponential rate. The idea of living comfortable and with convenience is key. Presently, the real estate markets are booming and the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata have been rising substantially, these projects are strategically built keeping in mind all  the required and desired amenities in today’s world. It has become necessary to have everything close-by.

Now is the time to make a move and complete the fulfillment of your own property. 3ace properties assist you to fulfill the explanation of right property.

Be it an individual house or apartments, we aim to serve you best in all possible aspects.  Empanelled with best and trusted developers and sellers in the city on the first place makes it a lot more authentic to enter into a deal .

Home loan has always been a major criteria for any property seeker, at this level 3ace properties must take away all your worries about the loan factor. We are associated with multiple banks and institutions and we provide end to end solutions for home loans making this deciding factor look easier.

How could we forget the legal section?

Forget the days of running from pillar to post about simple paperwork that used to take ages to complete. With a lot more innovation we have an in-house set of people for legal matters, we pre verify details of the property and the buyer credentials where the paperwork is seamless and easy.

Look nowhere,  Your guide to  best home is just a click away.

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